How worthy an MBA program is ?

As the new year approaches to the season of MBA Admissions 2019 and exams, the same query of whether MBA is worth it or not, must have crossed your mind.If you have an interest in business management, MBA is the go-to option. Receiving the degree from a respectable MBA school certainly helps. But if you cannot afford to join a regular brick and mortar school for any reason, another recommended and completely effective option is online MBA. MBA Admissions 2019 MBA Admissions 2019 : It is important to choose a good online MBA school to get the genuine benefits of an online MBA Course. Organisations like MIBM Global is committed to offer world class education to the students at their door step. At MIBM Global the best online executive MBA programs are also available for the duration of one year besides the regular two years MBA course. Along with the excellence in the theoretical knowledge, MIBM Global also ensures the overall personality development of the aspirants. Online education program allows one to carry on with the job and thus helps in earning while learning.

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Pursuing Masters in Business Administration (MBA) can benefit your career in several ways:
  • It can help business-oriented professionals in enhancing their further career opportunities.
  • You can receive increased compensation and adequate job promotions.
  • MBA is a necessary stepping stone for business starters, as it provides the skills and the knowledge.
  • Many companies, at this date, require an MBA for certain management or leadership positions.
  • MBA provides a wide availability of equally benefitting options.
  Online MBA programmes are recognised worldwide and are gradually replacing the campus MBA programs. Most of the institutions as well as companies have realised the importance of an MBA online and therefore, have no reservations at all in accepting the online degrees. Soon many institution are planning to go completely online as they understand the demand for the quality program is increasing day by day. MBA indeed helps in excelling in job interviews and opens an avenue for growth and promotion. For better opportunities, you must choose a specialisation option which suits your requirement.   MIBM Global has many options for specialisation in MBA and the trained councillors here, would help you to choose one on the basis of your interest and career requirement. MBA specialisation in finance, business, or management are trending. MBA in IT is much in demand. It is the right time to leave all the uncertainties behind and discover your area of interest in the business domain and join an MBA online.   For more information about the best Online Schools, visit or feel free to call on +91 96909-00054.  

Best MBA Stream In 2019

MBA programs are the most sought after higher education courses to groom the career. Once you have made up your mind to join an online MBA course in one of the best online MBA schools like MIBM Global, you need to move ahead and find out the Best MBA Stream for yourself. There is a long list of specialisation options available for you and you have to select one which suits you the most. Thus, it is not an easy task. Best MBA Stream   While choosing the specialisation option it is very natural to get convinced by others opinions. Just because your neighbour is earning handsome salary after his MBA in Marketing doesn’t mean it will work for you too. Besides academic knowledge, some personality skills are also important to make you rise in your career. It is important to do an elaborate research on
  • The latest requirement in the job market,
  • Long term demand for a skill,
  • Demand for future skillset and
  • The salary paid in the industry, before selecting your MBA Specialisation.

Quick look at the MBA Specialisation

MBA in Information Technology

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in information Technology deals with the business and management side of the IT field. Although it is a new course but has gain  popularity very quickly. It focuses on merging the consistently increasing demand of information technology with business management. Candidates with IT background will definitely have benefits during this course but it is not a compulsory criteria. Non IT graduates can also opt for this specialisation depending upon their interest in this stream.

MBA in International Business

Master of Business Administration in International Business deals with enhancing the management, trade or general business skills of the aspirant. It includes finance, marketing and human resource topics on an international level. If you are looking for a career like management analyst, administrative service manager and chief executive officer in the overseas companies, online MBA in International business is the right choice for you.

MBA in Operations Management

Master of Business Administration in Operations Management helps you to learn about planning, organising and supervising in reference to production, manufacturing or the provision of services. Thus, this course focuses on delivery and ensures that an aspirant learns to efficiently turn inputs to outputs. This MBA Specialisation also helps you to get a global perspective on industry trends and makes you aware of any financial regulations or political uncertainties that could impact an organisation. There is a huge demand for the skilled operations manager and thus, opting for the Best MBA Stream in Operations Management would be a wise decision.

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Besides these trending courses, there are these all time favourite specialisations like:
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Human Resource
  • MBA in Strategy
These specialisation are popular among the aspirants looking for a highly paid jobs in the industry. These courses are always in demand and teach you the essential skills to excel in the business. All the above mentioned specialisations and many more are offered with online MBA programs at MIBM Global. It maintains the world class quality of education and lets you to learn at your own pace. The councillor at MIBM will help you to choose the Best MBA Stream depending upon your interest and skills. To know more about the specialisation options and to get enrolled at MIBM GLOBAl.   For more information about the best Online Schools, visit or feel free to call on +91 96909-00054.  

  When it comes to decide about our next career move, MBA is the first option that we all consider. It is not easy to choose the best suitable program since there are many certification programs easily available. So it is natural to wonder, why to waste time on the longer duration course? Online MBA Program are the answer to such dilemmas. Online MBA Program Online Programmes are the latest preference of the young generation. Internet has impacted our life tremendously. Now we communicate through the internet, we have a social circle here, we enjoy shopping online then how can education world remain untouched by the internet? Technology has cut short the distance and has made the best of education available at our computer screen or smartphones. So, when the best higher educational program like MBA is available online, there is no reason we should settle for less. Gone are the days when online MBA Courses struggled for recognition.Today, it’s worth is known to all and therefore, it is accepted globally by the employers and they are putting their weight behind online MBA programs. This is the reason that there is a fall in the number of students enrolling in full time MBA Programme. Let’s look at the top five reason to opt for online MBA :  

  • Online MBA Program provides the flexibility to choose your own time to studythus,hectic work and family schedules can be easily adjusted with studies. There is also freedom from classroom based education and therefore, you can continue with your online course anywhere you wish. This flexibility lets you learn at your own pace. But at the same time it is important to have a self discipline for successfully completing this course.
  • Earning while studying is definitely a bonus and it saves us from getting under heavy loans. Unlike regular MBA programs, you don’t have to give up on your job. In fact while pursuing an online MBA, you get an opportunity to experience and use your skills at your workplace.
  • Online MBA Program will allow you to explore the universities far and wide while if you join any regular campus course you will be compelled to compromise with the institutions reachable to you. Imagine getting an international MBA degree without actually investing on the tickets to that country!
  • Exposure to technology is another useful benefit of an online MBA program. Since online courses expects you to interact and learn using technology like online classes, internet based apps, downloading course content etc. All these regular activities helps you to use and understand technology in a better way. Most of the online programs are available in english which automatically helps you to improve your command over this language.
  • This course is globally accepted and offers immense job opportunities. Aspirants are well placed with handsome salary after completing this course. The curriculum of online MBA is based on the regular MBA syllabus and yet it is cheaper as the cost of commuting and staying in the campus gets reduced.
  Online MBA Program indeed is one of the best option for better career. It is important to be careful while choosing an online school. Prestigious online schools like MIBM Global offers the complete benefits of an online course. Online classes here are interactive and make the program interesting. MIBM Global’s easy payment plans are another reason to gain the attention from the students. Go through the list of Online MBA courses available here, and be ready to take a leap in the career.   For more information about the best Online Schools, visit or feel free to call on +91 96909-00054.  

  Online MBA Executive Program have already impressed us enough by offering the world class education beyond the walls of the classroom. Similarly online Executive MBA course has turned out to be a guarantee for those looking for a chance to accelerate their career without taking a break from the job. It is an integrated part time course which gives the much needed push to your career without ever interfering with your job. Online MBA Executive Program While all the regular executive MBA courses are designed for the professionals who cannot afford to give enough time to the regular courses, online MBA Schools like MIBM Global is offering an online Executive MBA programme which means getting flexibility to study as per your convenience.   According to the latest survey done on the professionals who have completed their online EMBA, Executive MBA is certainly the best solution to get out of the mid career crisis. Since, this program instantly validates a professional’s skill and knowledge in business, it adds weight to your resume and enhances your money making ability. Online MBA Executive Program is one year course which has been designed to improve the knowledge and skills which any professional would like to learn for a good leadership quality.   The well composed course material explains each topic in detail and lets you understand the theories properly and further helps in selecting your specific area of interest. Online EMBA course provides an excellent opportunity to study according to your own suitable time, therefore, it has turned out to be the most suitable academic course for the working professionals. It also offers the chance to experience while you learn the theories of leadership. At one hand you get to learn the principals of management while doing this online Executive programme, at the same time you can gain the first-hand experience by using the principles at your workplace. This would help in understanding the concept of what is being taught and would also help you in being confident as a leader.   Online MBA Executive Program allows the students to gain the potential to grow in the career without investing much of the time. Because of this reason, Executive online MBA is gradually becoming popular. This quick MBA option saves the money and time of the professionals. So, affordable fees and the globally accepted worth of Executive MBA make it one of the most preferred option for higher education. The organisations also find this online course convenient as they are able to retain their employees. They understand that Online Executive MBA is going to give an improved and skilled version of the older employee and so they prefer increasing the salary.   For the best online MBA programs you must get enrolled to the best online MBA schools. Learning experience with MIBM is unique and matches up to the international standard. Study material given here are simple in terms of words and yet provides a knowledge that improves your skill to make decisions and be the best at your organisation. Latest curriculum for online EMBA is followed and  the fees can be paid as per various options available. Worth of Online Executive MBA is going to improve with the rise of technology and it is indeed capable of metamorphosing your career.   For more information about the best Online Schools, visit or feel free to call on +91 96909-00054.  

  Distance MBA is an opportunity to achieve that higher education which ensures to take one’s career to its peak. With the rapid digitalisation of the world, distance education too has established its worth. So, if you are planning to join an MBA program via distance education, just let go all your apprehensions! Yes, as the years pass by, Distance MBA programs are only getting better to help you understand the theories and principles of an MBA course which will further let you rise in your profession.   Is Distance MBA Still Effective in 2019   Distance MBA Programs are doing wonders for all of us who are lacking either time or money to join the regular classroom program. Since, there are various online schools available it is not easy to choose the best distance course for higher education. We must not forget that Distance MBA can give us the the best out put only if done from the best of the online MBA school. Distance education comes to our doorstep not only with a promise of a globally recognised programs, but also gives us a learning experience which is not confined to the walls of a classroom. It ensures the aspirants a much wider horizon and vision to build the career. As per the latest survey students pursuing distance education courses ask more challenging questions and their performance often exceeds expectations of everyone. One of the reason behind such excellent performance might be that students are not forced to follow a fixed schedule. This freedom to study at our own pace helps us to grasp the course in a better way.  

Some of the benefits of a distance MBA program that makes it popular are:

  • Distance MBA programmes are useful not only for the working professionals. Even if you are a fresh graduate looking for a professional course, or a house maker willing to restart your career, distance MBA is a solution for you.
  • These courses do not have any upper age limit to join the course hence, distance MBA can be joined at any point of the career.
  • Complete flexibility of schedule and location is a promise fulfilled by the distance MBA course.
  • Distance education not only helps you learn the course but during the duration of the course you will also expertisein using computers/laptops, thus, even if you are not good with technology, you will definitely get accustomed to it.
  • It is a globally accepted program and offers immense job opportunities.
  All these mentioned benefits and many more are promised by the prestigious online institutions like MIBM Global. Here, the students can enjoy the complete freedom of schedule and thus, it becomes easier for the aspirants to carry on with the education and career as per  their choice. Since distance courses are cheaper than any regular program, distance MBA too has this benefit. There are various options for the payment of fees at MIBM Global which doesn’t let the student feel the financial burden. Thus, there is no reason to doubt the worth of Distance MBA in coming years. Enrol yourself to the best suited distance MBA and get ready to shine!   For more information about the best Online Schools, visit or feel free to call on +91 96909-00054.