The answer to your question is YES, but only if you are fully prepared. For any entrance exam, you need to clear its basic concepts completely and must be prepared completely. So, it is also possible to clear or crack the 1 year MBA entrance in only one year, just make your preparation go smoothly. Want some tips?

So first let us make you clear the CAT or GMAT entrance exam is designed for measuring or evaluating your aptitude and assess your communication skills as well as analytical knowledge in the sectors of English usage and language. The analysis of a situation along with data is don with the approach to reach the final decision with the utilization of basic mathematics and logical reasoning skills.

crack MBA in 1 year exam
crack 1 year MBA exam

So how can you prepare yourself for the MBA entrance exam in just 1 year? 

First, choose which exam to give CAT or GMAT? There are around two modes for CAT or GMAT preparation – either 

  • Prepare yourself with proper CAT or GMAT material or
  • Join CAT or GMAT coaching institute offline or online 

But this decision depends on you and your choice. But still, there are few important keys to keep in mind while preparing for CAT or GMAT exam.

  • First of all, go through the CAT or GMAT syllabus and pattern thoroughly.
  • Decide how to prepare with or without coaching? Think twice and make your choice. No big issues about whether to join coaching or not.
  • Check out the list of best books for CAT or GMAT preparation – Go through the section or concept-wise material and strategies.
  • Take your own mock test regularly for checking your current CAT or GMAT exam preparation stage or level.
  • Check out CAT or GMAT toppers and learn from their point of view or be highly motivated.

Above all this, you need to make your own CAT or GMAT exam time table and then start your preparation immediately as per the sections you choose. Never forget to practice with a mock test as everybody knows – Practise makes a man perfect. 

If you don’t understand any concept – just check it out on the internet or ask your coaching master about it. 

How to practice?

  • First, always try to understand the concept completely in brief.
  • Then try to solve a simple question with going to another level.
  • Likewise, learn 2 to 3 concepts.
  • After it, go to the mock for those concepts and topics at the Entrance level.
  • Try to solve it and check your assessment marks.
  • IF something goes wrong, check where you were wrong and learn and solve it.

This way you can practice more and more with learning and gaining more.


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