Distance MBA in Marketing Management

Distance MBA in Marketing Management

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MIBM Global is offering 2 years Best Distance MBA in India 2018 in Marketing Management to all those professionals as well as fresher’s who wish to learn innovative marketing ventures to earn better profits in their business. As a student interested to pursue a career in the Marketing domain, you must be aware that Marketing is an interesting as well as challenging career. It is an art to convince others so much that they believe your words and invest their time and money according to it. Being a successful marketing professional is not so easy but when you understand the basic requirement of this domain, there is no other domain more rewarding than this.

At MIBM, through our best distance MBA program in India we are providing training, experience, education and knowledge and skills needed to be a successful marketing professional. Our two years distance MBA with specialisation in marketing is among the top distance MBA courses in India and is very much in demand, since efficient professionals with good academic knowledge and right attitude are not much available. This best distance learning MBA Program in India will groom you with the various concepts of business and will also take care of your personal traits. We have designed the course under the guidance of industry experts and management gurus, to give the best of the education through an online platform.

Our course materials are so compiled that they will help you to manage your studies on your own. For in depth knowledge, we also offer online classes. Some of the important subjects we cover under this two years distance program are Strategic Planning, Market Research, Marketing Campaigns, Consumer Behaviour, Cost Volume and Profit etc.

Through our best distance MBA program we aim to train our students in the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside enterprises and organisations and how to manage the marketing resources and activities of a firm? We will also teach about product development, management and sales promotion.

MBA in Marketing Management at MIBM, which is among the best distance learning MBA institutes in India, is a convenient opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skill. We make sure to provide all the benefits of an online program. There is a huge scope for MBAs with specialisation in Marketing since this domain is the heart of any organisation. In the present market scenario, there are many jobs available for the professionals with MBA in Marketing. You can settle in any domain of your choice as efficient marketing professionals are always in demand. Some of the job profiles available in this field are:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • New Product Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Advertising Manager
  • Marketing Communications Manager

At MIBM Global me make sure to make online education a memorable experience. That is why our courses are considered to be one of the best business management courses in India. MIBM Global is dedicated towards the betterment of the students and therefore, makes sure to offer them all the benefits of an online program. As a student you will have the complete freedom to study at your own pace. We don’t bound you with our schedules and offer multiple slots for online classes. Our two years distance MBA is an affordable program. We have various payment plans which gives flexibility to the students. Please call our counsellor for further information on our programme.

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