Fast Track Distance MBA 2 Year Program


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MIBM or Matrix Institute of Business Management is ranked amongst the top B-schools in India with over 20 years of experience. It provides the exceptional two years fast track MBA distance learning program in India. With MIBM, you can adapt an enthusiastic and authentic faculty that provides you the best fast track distance MBA 2 year programme in Business Management. The syllabus and curriculum have been designed accordingly for the MBA two year programmes. At MIBM, you can experience a real world practically convenient, flexible and collaboration of teaching management level methodology for online learning. The online learning adds fuel to your dreams along with professional guidance. Enrollment in fast track Distance MBA programs online helps in show casing an aspirants skills, qualities and leadership skills that are needed in the modern era. You can equivalently handle your job and study, once you become a part of our online learning sessions. We believe in working with dedication and create an idolizing impact on the highly intellectual students.

Gaining education at the top class institutions require effective perception and confidence amongst the peers who are known as to be an aspiring MBA graduate. Once you study for two years fast track MBA you will be trained to be a corporate person who will become a business leader. The online mba program from MIBM prepares a student for the top corporate platform. We provide quality education materials that help in understanding and learning the subjects precisely with practical case studies and presentations. Distance Learning with MIBM is cost-effective and with two years fast track MBA we will guide you ahead to indulge in advanced opportunities to achieve a stable career in this competitive world.

How our courses are designed?

MIBM designs the fast track 2 year Distance MBA programs in India that leverages of bringing a new perspectives of commencing a business worldwide. Our learning methodology administers different traits knowledge through indulging the case studies and presentations. Subjects that are essentially applicable in fast track 2 year Distance MBA programs in India focuses are

When you enrol for the fast track MBA two years course distance education through MIBM allows you to participate in research projects to have a good grasp on the knowledge of this field. MIBM offers several specializations to make aspirant capable to handle mid and top managerial positions. The field includes hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing initiative start-ups, etc.

Why should you choose Fast Track Distance MBA 2 year Program?

The fast track 2 year Distance MBA programs online via MIBM provides various benefits that helps you attain a settled and stable life with an extraordinary job. Becoming an expert through our online distance learning program will eventually includes energizing your instincts by teaching you a proper mode of becoming an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur cannot only be the boss of his business but also knows how to begin and finish the work with immense excellence at any organization. We help our students in developing those skills that creates impact on the party. With the advantage of achieving highest salaries with a top managerial position, you will be taught with developing managerial skills. Your skills must expertise in manufacturing, advertising and selling your products.

The fast track 2 year Distance MBA programs online entrails in moving out a person from their comfort zone and bring certain on-going practical matters related to International Business Matters. MIBM faculty of business studies has a vast knowledge on teaching the students with the latest management capabilities. As soon as you complete the course, you are market ready for job opportunities along with higher salary packages. Choosing the two years distance fast track MBA, ensures that can help you in acquiring knowledge and skills that are necessary in launching a successful corporate platform, and also help in executing a stable yet successful business. If you are looking right ahead to do a job at a managerial position you can work as a senior manager or board of director in any blue chip companies.

Fast Track Distance MBA 2 Year Program

Benefits of Fast Track Distance MBA 2 year Program

  • This program primarily helps an aspirant save time compared to other standard programs available all over the globe, and since time is money, the aspirant gets the advantage of gaining high quality education at a quicker pace compared to standard time schedules offered in other education programs.
  • E-learning has now become one of the trending models of conducting supplementary module that helps students taking up a distance learning MBA course.
  • You only require a laptop and PC with a secured and stable internet connection. You don’t require going to any place or location.
  • The fast track MBA two years course distance education is available at affordable fees, which is lesser than the in-campus MBA programs. Students who had no financial back-up can relatively enroll for MBA course by MIBM through its cost effective program.
  • You also have the benefit to continue your ongoing job and pursue your MBA along with it. You can side-by-side continue learning the MBA course, as to attain promotions and good salary package in the current working company or the other company.
  • With flexible hours of study, you don’t require to spend all your day or night staying online, you can easily watch, pause and resume the online learning sessions effortlessly.

Eligibility criteria for Fast Track Distance MBA 2 Year Program

Students who have completed Graduation in any stream with at least 45 percent of marks from any recognized institute are considered eligible for enrollment in our top notch two years fast track MBA distance learning program. The top rated two years fast track MBA distance learning is thus made easily accessible to a wide cross-section of students belonging to institutes affiliated to various recognized bodies.

Fast Track Two Year Mba Program


Semester 1
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
Semester 2
  • Computer Applications in Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Communication
Semester 3
  • Operations Research
  • Business Environment
  • Legal Environment and Business Law
  • Production and Operation Management
Semester 4
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management Information System
  • Elective Subject
  • Elective Subject

Note: 18% GST Excluded

Flexi payment options for Fast Track Distance MBA 2 year Program

Fees for the best Fast Track Distance MBA 2 year Program is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses and can be paid in installments while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. The fee can be paid online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Fast Track Distance MBA 2 year Program from MIBM Global

  • MIBM offers abundant modes of learning MBA in a 2-year span of time. You will gain a practical and theoretical knowledge that requires you to value your time which requires being available for 15-20 hours per week.
  • One of the best business schools that provides access and re-access to all the resources that you maintain while the on-going MBA 2 year course. You don’t need to worry about any of your missing regular classes at the campus.
  • Our distance MBA programmes are designed as per student’s lifestyle, we know you people are graduates and are working too at this age. To manage both we have an online session curriculum for students that are pursuing for fast track 2 year Distance MBA programs online2 year Distance MBA programs online.
  • When you can study online, you can study from any location of this world. We have maintained several modes of communication access that helps you be connected to us whenever you need us. Through emails, counselor assistance, telephones and elibrary. MIBM assures exceptional support to make students rely on us for improvising their future prospects.
  • With the best faculty in management and administration team of faculty of MIBM, students get the best education experience. With over 20 years of excellence for rendering educational services through online programs has made us amongst the most interactive and developed learning model.
  • You can indulge in online coursework, form discussions, essays, prepare journals, with a high quality research, and focus on the information to be achieved.
  • MIBM provides opportunities to participate in a course that attracts students to represent globally.

Career Opportunities after Fast Track Distance MBA 2 year Program

Doing online distance MBA for 2 years helps in broadening your knowledge and concepts related to business and management skills. The career advancements have encouraged shifting careers and to become a person with an intellectual ability that completely leads towards recruiters that might have interests in the students. With the MIBM distance MBA course 2 year program you can excel in various aspects and attain jobs at the best MNC’s in Finance, Sales, Business development, Banks, Private Companies, Multinational companies and Hotels etc are some of the fields of where you can be recruited easily. Here are few opportunities to look forward to

  • 1 Finance in Public sector
  • 2 Online Business
  • 3 Management of Technology
  • 4 Portfolio Managers
  • 5 Finance Advisors
  • 6 Project and Operation Management
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