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The Matrix Institute of Business Management or MIBM is dedicated to provide top notch online distance DBA courses to students. The wealth of experience associated with our prestigious ISO certified institute in Noida, is tasked with ensuring that we provide the most competent education programs to our students. Our expertise of 20 years has been a testament to our service in professional grooming of students, one batch after the other. Guiding students on the right path to a prosperous career is our prime agenda and legacy. When you sign up as an academic student Matrix Institute of Business Management’s courses, you are guaranteed to be shown the means to hone your skills for a successful career. Our expert faculties are ready to furnish their expertise at the disposal of academics that are assertive of their professional growth.

We value the gradient of knowledge we are able to impart in applicants when they apply at our reputed institute, as they climb higher to experience a vibrant professional life in various leading international MNC’s. We specialize in moulding our curriculum to satisfy the education standards expected by leading multinational companies from their prospective human resources. Our DBA course can be undertaken via distance mode by hopefuls who wish to enroll at MIBM as distance students. The online DBA course gives students who do not have the scope to study at any campus, such as corporates, a chance to complete a major education in pertinent business matters. The opportunity to gather more knowledge about how the market functions and how you can analyze it to capitalize as a business development expert is what MIBM hopes to offer here to students.

How Are Our Courses Designed ?

The basic expectations that students and critics have from the best online DBA programmes in India, is a curriculum that moulds students into a learned, well-informed, and ethical leader. With the proper guidance from our experts at MIBM, Noida, we have the desire to place the most calculative online DBA program that is available for distance applicants.

We have come up with this carefully planned course for distance education with the aim to provide a well-rounded course that incorporates the following qualities-

  • To give experienced industry veterans the chance to open up newer vistas of business administration.
  • Our experts prepare academics and tenured business runners to deal with the existing challenges that are prevalent in business administration and operations everywhere in the globe.
  • To help ambitious managers in corporate roles envision their responsibilities better.
  • To help industry veterans become more sanguine about the business decisions they take.
  • Facilitate educative business decisions in critical junctures, from managers who have undergone our course work for the DBA distance learning program.
  • We aim to help students go out in the field and help them become more proactive as managers who understand the business’s target demographic and necessary course of action, in order to meet the demands of the former.
  • We ensure that our academics get an in-depth understanding of the duties they are supposed to fulfill in the field so they can become more competent about resolving critical business hurdles.

Why should you choose Distance DBA Program ?

A DBA or a Diploma of Business Administration research program is supposed to given tenured managers who wish to further their understanding of business machinations. You get a chance to gather a deeper level of understanding about how the management role can transform the scope of the business. The online DBA program is a Diploma qualification that students are applying for, when they pursue the same at MIBM. At our trusted institute we aim to provide students the chance to purse the best online DBA courses India has seen. Comprising of duration of 6 months, the Diploma is aimed to guarantee students the step-stool to greatness in the prime of their business career. The curriculum at MIBM is specially modeled to make sure that we provide the most all-encompassing online DBA course in distance, in India. It has been targeted to solidify the student’s grasp over the fundamentals of assuming a managerial position in a business, and the clockwork business-savvy temperament that they should have at their disposal at the end of the course. The program is poised to prepare experienced, veteran managers and enthusiastic academics who wish to further explore the dynamics of business-running operations, below the boilerplate MBA. The rigorously put together syllabus is primed to give students the detailed summary on extending their business administration outlook. Schooling experienced managers and business leaders into experts who have a more than rudimentary understanding to problems that would stump the normal MBA or graduate operations manager, is what we are hoping to accomplish with the distance online DBA course at MIBM.

Distance DBA Program

Benefits Of Distance DBA Course

  • Students can pursue the course in tandem with any other distance course they are pursuing.
  • The only basic requirement in the path to availing the courses from anywhere convenient to the student is a steady internet connection.
  • Students can avail online books, just like the hard copy books available.
  • Resolving queries and doubts gathered over the course of the lessons becomes easier as the students can check with their counselors and are able to help troubleshoot situations.
  • Students can enroll for the course from the convenience of their residence, and do not have to physically relocate to a different location.
  • There is no scope for incurring a cost of leading since it is a distance program and the student does not have to migrate.
  • Enrolling in a worthwhile online distance education program gives students who wish to enroll for MIBM’s revered courses who prefer to be on the move, and grab the chance to add more credence to the role as an aspiring business manager

Eligibility For Distance DBA Programs

Students who has passed grade 12th with at least 45 percent of marks from any recognized institute are considered eligible for enrollment in our distance dba program. The DBA program is an distance program and is thus made easily accessible to a wide cross-section of students belonging to institutes affiliated to various recognized bodies.

Distance  DBA Courses


Semester 1
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
DBA Courses In India


Note: 18% GST Excluded

Flexi option for payments for Distance DBA course

Fees for the best Distance DBA programme is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses and can be paid in installments while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. The fee can be paid online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Top Reasons To Choose MIBM Global

  • Our DBA programme features among the Top Online DBA Programmes accredited for their refined course work, effective research, and fruitful placement and career brightening provision.
  • Our global recognition guarantees that our prospective students are acquired from a slew of nationalities across the globe.
  • Our students have grabbed placement in Multi-National and Corporates across the globe.
  • Corporate management individuals who apply as students are guaranteed to enhance their quality of service.
  • Our syllabus is designed by experts and teachers who have been involved in the industry for over 20 years, rendering service and accumulating experience.
  • The course material is on par with full-time DBA courses so our students do not lose their competitive edge in the process.
  • The courses are designed to offer our students a steep learning curve that definitely leaves them with a better grasp of the trade at the end of the course.
  • MIBM is responsible for granting counseling services to applicants.
  • Our standards of DBA course material does not falter in quality from the global management course programme standards.
  • Our online DBA program not only pays attention to the course curriculum but the feasibility and flexibility of the fees payment. MIBM is proud to be at the service of students across the globe that can opt for convenient financial options and avail the same quality of education.

Career Opportunities after Distance DBA

  • 1 Business Analysis Specialist
  • 2Risk Assessment Specialist
  • 3 Business Administrator
DBA Courses
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