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MIBM Global is a Noida based ISO certified institute reputed for giving students a wide, diverse and updated list of courses in the field of business studies to help increase their aptitude for corporate business. MIBM Global was found with the goal to breed a new generation of business experts and researchers who understand the organic science of business functions, market studies and the correlations between the two that help industry proliferate. Our distance MBA program is a course catered to students looking to appraise their fundamental understanding of business principles with an in-depth study of the same. Our coursework is comparatively more competent, updated, and critical of the present industry standards, business trends and market outlook. Designed by a team of experts who are all individually reputed as pundits in the field of business study, our coursework gives students the chance to approach refined course offered by no other business education institute. Rigorous, expansive and rich in detail, our counselors has pooled in their collective knowledge banks in shaping the MBA programs offered by MIBM. For a nominal fee structure designed to benefit students who are enthusiastic about expanding their certification in business management and dynamics, MIBM Global is offering top rated distance MBA programs for students across the globe.

Students across the globe can now get access to MIBM Global’s wide range of courses, that offer the latest global content in Business studies for scholars located anywhere in the world. The best recognized Online MBA program in India is available for those aspirants that are looking forward to a bright future in Management jobs, Business research and Analysis worldwide. Online availability of the course enables the students from throughout the world to access it easily and build a career with this program from an accredited institute like MIBM Global. This 2 year course provides the students with knowledge in MBA and is a viable program for business operations experts who wish to build a career in the corporate sector. With MIBM, new prospects have opened for those aspirants that could not avail higher education due to the lack of time. We continually revise, re-design and refurbish our courses through notable business experts to provide the students with an extensive curriculum which is as competent as the regular courses worldwide.

How Are Our Courses Designed ?

MIBM has made use of technology in such a manner that education is now available in a location independent manner for the prospective students. 24 months distance MBA programs online is an opportunity to attend B-Schools that are out of state, without spending much money on relocation. The courses are designed in such a manner that you can study at your own pace and can get access to lectures at any time, so there are no missed lectures. 2 Year distance MBA Online programs are conducted through Online Content, E-Libraries, Chat and Telephone. Textbooks are available in electronic form and you can submit your completed assignments easily. Distance 2 year MBA program involves two years of studies and makes the student proficiency to face the real world with practical and hands-on training in the field.

MIBM Global has designed MBA distance learning education bearing in mind the scope available for students in the field and no other program available in India offers such a vast course material for wannabe business experts at such a competitive price. Due to the broad nature of the syllabus the 2 year program has been devised and it has helped the students achieve their study goals and reach out for higher positions in the industry. The students during the course get well-acquainted with the lessons on how to run a successful business and the justified pricing helps them fulfill their desire to achieve higher education without burning a hole in their pocket. The courses are sought by industry experts from all over the world and they are competent and comprehensive to uplift your career graph.

Why Should You Choose Distance MBA 2 Year Program ?

Two years Distance MBA programs offer several advantages like skill enhancement, more networking, career advancement and higher salary. You also get benefits like promotion to the roles of senior managers in various fields like Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Financial, Digital media industries or other market running businesses. There are many hurdles for working professional in the campus-based programs as balancing work and study life with the commute time leaves a person confused, frustrated and financially weak. With MBA two years course distance education, commuting time is saved and you get access to all the information online with ease. MIBM is one of the top notch Online MBA in India Online MBA in India that helps you earn education easily through its distance program.

Two years MBA distance learning by MIBM is globally recognized and they focus on developing the skills and knowledge that are crucial to run a business successfully. The two year world best distance mba program has been crafted in such a manner that the students study the core aspects of managing a business with ease and their strategic decision making skills get a major boost. MBA coursework includes Finance, Accounting, Finance, management, Business Law and Economics. The specializations in the course make you proficient in entrepreneurship, real estate, business analytics and information systems.

Two years distance MBA is the most effective alternative to the on-campus programs as it is highly cost-efficient. The curriculum is identical to the on-campus counterpart and the coursework is tailored by well-experienced counselors on the online platforms.

Distance MBA 2 Year Program

Benefits Of Distance MBA 2 year Program

  • You get easy access to MIBM’s most sought after curriculum designed for Business Administration as a student, working professional or while being in the research field.
  • Aspirants from throughout the globe can apply for the online MBA course from MIBM course due to it being a distance or online availability.
  • There is instant access to a forum rich with information, so that they can develop zeal in business operations, share their ideas, seek guidance for course work from the counselors.
  • The format of the distance MBA programs delivers the students with the great transformation within two years in the form of communication skills, strategy planning skills and logical reasoning.
  • There is no need for you to incur additional costs like relocation, transport or cost of living as the entire curriculum is available online to be accessed at any-time.
  • You can invest your time in studying the course online without leaving your office or home, and you get access to all the lectures during any time of the day.

Eligibility For Distance MBA 2 year Program

Students who have completed Graduation in any stream with at least 45 percent of marks from any recognized institute are considered eligible for enrollment in our distance education MBA program. The MBA distance learning program is thus made easily accessible to a wide cross-section of students belonging to institutes affiliated to various recognized bodies.

MBA Program in India


Semester 1
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
Semester 2
  • Computer Applications in Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Communication
Semester 3
  • Operations Research
  • Business Environment
  • Legal Environment and Business Law
  • Production and Operation Management
Semester 4
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management Information System
  • Elective Subject
  • Elective Subject



Note: 18% GST Excluded

Flexi option for payments for Distance MBA 2year course

Fees for the best Distance MBA programme is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses and can be paid in installments while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. The fee can be paid online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Top Reasons To Choose Distance MBA 2 year Program from MIBM Global

  • MIBM provides easy access to online content and you can carry on your MBA studies through travel, relocation, job transfers or other changes in life.
  • You get the flexibility of studying within your existing schedules and can complete your program easily while working or executing parallel studies.
  • There are no demographic restrictions so you can enroll from anywhere in the world and continue your program without having to travel anywhere.
  • With fellow students from multiple countries, you get exposure to international business techniques.
  • MIBM global provides a program which is well-recognized throughout the world and placements are provided through the institute that has a wide network of alums and counselors members.
  • MIBM program can help you can gain practical and theoretical knowledge through MBA Distance 2 year program, which will make you an expert in the field.
  • Online counseling provides opportunities for discussions with less interruptions and more interactions.
  • MIBM provides access to all the resources that are on-campus and our distance courses are equally valuable like the regular courses.
  • Our students gain managerial skills and become proficient in strategic planning for businesses on completion of their program from MIBM.
  • We have comprehensively designed the courses that entail the students with deep knowledge of business management.

Career Opportunities After Distance MBA 2 year Program

Career prospects after the MBA two year course distance education programs are great as you will be ready to take up management and administrative roles in corporations worldwide. With practical and theoretical knowledge in the field, you can also enroll for higher studies, like doctorate program or take up jobs in multinational companies or corporate. Other career options are:

  • 1 Business Analysis Specialist
  • 2 Risk Assessment Specialist
  • 3 Business Administrator
  • 4 Doctoral scholar in-charge of institutional academics
  • 5 Business Development-Oriented Research
  • 6 Marketing-Oriented Research
2 Year Distance MBA
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