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Matrix Institute of Business Management, better known as MIBM Global, is a leading institution in Business Management. Established in Noida, MIBM happens to be one of the pioneering institutes bearing the torch of the Indian Business curriculum on an international scale. MIBM Global provides groundbreaking standards of Business Education to students, not just from India and across the globe. MIBM Global is proud to announce the extension of its contribution to the career growth of the most exceptional management students and stalwarts. We have been credited with successfully laying the foundation to the zeitgeist of online management course programs that has empowered more and more individuals never to satisfy when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge.

Boasting of faculty members who have decade’s worth of experience to what young minds with, MIBM’s online DBA course is designed to help aspiring business leaders of tomorrow to overcome obstacles like distance and time. This has enabled MIBM to produce some of the sharpest business-oriented minds in the business. Our Online DBA programme is targeted at students who have not had the chance to climb the rung of higher education, for hitherto number of reasons such as full-time jobs, or lack of an institute that honors the investment and grants the appropriate quality of education. Matrix Institute of Business Management is all about facilitating a curriculum that is up-to-date and is relevant for the up-and-coming leaders and researchers of business studies and sciences. The point of furnishing the educational services of a leading institute like MIBM in an online format is to give a number of students than before, the chance to push the envelope of business development.

How Are Our Courses Designed ?

DBA courses in India are expected to encompass a variety of aspects that cover an important section of business-running oversight. With a Diploma in Business Administration, the student becomes adept to face the obstacles that arise on the path of the corporate environment and they become logically proficient to face every test in their corporate life.

Being a Diploma holder in Business Administration requires an organic understanding of business directives, regulations, handling, implementation, analysis, and foresight. MIBM’s curriculum is designed with the intention of making our students hone their aptitude for being analytical about the business domain, by default.

  • Testimonials from alumni who have already made a mark in the industry and others that are working for leading multinational corporate brands and institutes, respectively, recommend our effective online DBA programme.
  • Anyone who wishes to avail one of the best online DBA programmes in India that are designed to open up more detail-rich vistas of business administration and operations to students.
  • MIBM is determined to produce the next crème of business administration and operations research experts who will revolutionize the business sector and its relationship and understanding of the market like never before.
  • MIBM is destined to develop batches of industrial stalwarts who challenge the known conventions of business management via sound theoretical research and case studies.
  • Our coursework is specifically designed to give our students a sound idea of business functions across different sectors of the business industry.
  • Develop a school of analytical business administration researchers who engage in a collaborative approach with the faculty and other students to interpret the way the business sector functions every day.
  • MIBM wishes to make in-depth of the pursuit of business knowledge more accessible in the online format for students with any caveat that prevents them from pursuing a full-time Diploma program.

Why Should You Choose Online DBA ?

A Diploma of Business Administration is not a certification that is to be trifled with. Imagine the grasp an MBA can have over the machinations of business; now, imagine an individual who has the knowledge to fluidly work through the process-related or decision making-related scruples that usually stymie the best of MBA’s. A DBA is befitting of a business management qualification or domain specialist who has had the experience to sample the quantity of the corporate business. For these business diploma holders, ensuring that the gears of the business keep turning means everything. However, in order to have that edge over the competition, even the best business-oriented minds need to undergo learning programs that make the fundamentals of corporate-level business dynamics, asset-management, strategies and decision-making easier to follow.

At the Matrix Institute of Business Management, we are solemn in our promise to deliver the most effective online DBA courses India has seen. The model of our curriculum has been designed by our revered faculty of industry veteran tutors and professors who are dedicated to holistically approaching the syllabus. Our online courses are meant to ensure that the distance and disconnection do not undermine the significance of the educational program that is being pursued by the applicants. Fashioned to cater to the busy schedule of students who may be already serving in business or job roles, MIBM’s DBA online programme hopes to present students with the opportunity to learn business administration like never before. And for this purpose, we do not merely produce a syllabus derivative of what our contemporaries encourage. MIBM is responsible for catering a more realistic curriculum that engenders the drive for a more realistic hands-on approach for the students who plan on earning a Diploma of Business Administration. The DBA course has been in this instance planned carefully into condensed modules that address all the crucial aspects of the coursework accompanying a Diploma in Business Administration.

Online DBA Program

Benefits Of Online DBA Course

  • MIBM is determined in making higher studies of business administration more accessible, not just across the nation but across the globe.
  • The idea is to create a class of business researchers from all corners of the globe under the same roof, schooled in the same progressive course designed by MIBM’s esteemed faculty.
  • The cosmopolitan student body allows MIBM to help foster a community that is exposed to business administration trends prevalent in different parts of the world market.
  • MIBM is invested in giving students a chance to pursue a career-defining DBA that does wonders for their trade, in a retentive, flexible format. There is no part-time to full-time distinction in the MIBM online DBA course.
  • MIBM offers students the chance to go leagues deep into the realm of business studies, from the convenience of their homes, without having to change their address.
  • Students find it easier to pursue the coursework owing to our flexible online medium of course delivery which saves expenses for our students. This leaves them to concentrate more on the coursework itself.
  • Our course for a online DBA programme is designed to be more cost-effective and allows corporates and academic scholars alike to pursue the course.
  • Students from the most remote geographic locations are able to avail our competent literature of revered bibliographical repute.

Eligibility For Online DBA Programs

Students who has passed grade 12th with at least 45 percent of marks from any recognized institute are considered eligible for enrollment in our online dba program. The DBA program is an online distance program and is thus made easily accessible to a wide cross-section of students belonging to institutes affiliated to various recognized bodies.

Best DBA Program In india


Semester 1
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
Online DBA Courses



10+2 or Equivalent

Note: 18% GST Excluded

Flexi payment options for Online DBA Program

Fees for the best Online DBA programme is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses and can be paid in installments while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. The fee can be paid online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Top Reasons to choose Online DBA

  • MIBM gives students a chance to initiate a collaborative approach to a forum of international business students who are engaged in unraveling what makes current prevalent business models; process flows, issues and concerns tick.
  • MIBM’s DBA program features in the top tier of the list of Online DBA programmes accredited by the international bodies, as a recognized online school of business studies.
  • MIBM wishes to incorporate the best of new and old schools of business thought and practice into the research coursework for the students.
  • Summarizing and cross-implementing the best of business practices in different business industries is among one of the many critical approaches MIBM’s DBA course wishes to teach students online.
  • Our online DBA coursework at MIBM aims to transform nascent business managers and scholars into troubleshooters and pattern-identifiers in today's and tomorrow’s business.

Placement prospects for MIBM students in the online DBA program

  • Business Analyst
  • Risk Assessment Manager
  • Business Administrator
  • General and Operation Manager
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