Online MBA In Operations Management 2 Years

Online MBA In Operations Management 2 Years

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MIBM Global, through its 2 years online MBA Programs in India in Operations Management, is offering an excellent opportunity for a better career in the field of planning, organizing and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services. Operations Management, as an important part of any business is gradually coming into the limelight. If you are a professional already working in the operations domain, you certainly understand the reformation under which the operation function is going presently. For all the fresher’s looking for a brighter future, an online distance MBA course in India in operation sector will surely help you to achieve what you desire. This two years online MBA in India in Operation Management at one of the best online MBA institute in India assures not only an in depth knowledge in the multiple fields of operations but also lets you grab rewarding jobs in IT, Finance, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Insurance and many more sectors.

Our team at MIBM, consists of subject experts with huge experience. The syllabus of the course is similar to the one accepted globally. This makes our course stand at par with the global standards. Operations Management is a combination of two fields, supply chain and logistics (LSCM). Our course content has been compiled to give a strong foundation in both the areas. Our 2 year online MBA program initially teaches the core subjects like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Strategy, HR Management, Supply Chain Modeling and design etc. The later part of the course focuses on the specialization in logistics and supply chain management. Along with the theories and concepts, as our student, you will learn to implement project planning. The course will also help you in learning the techniques of cost efficiency and optimisation. We have designed our MBA programme to help the students to get a wider perspective in logistics and supply chain management. Chances to face the real life business issues related to logistics and supply chain management is also a part of the MBA Programme. This course assures to improve your analytical aptitude and leadership quality.

To be successful in the field of Operations Management, as a professional you must understand the basic difference between its important branches. Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) are different from each other in some of the aspects:

  • Supply Chain Management is a broader function which includes logistics domain.
  • Logistics is functional within the organisation and Supply Chain Management connects various domains and organisation for uninterrupted flow of business.
  • While Logistics is concerned with the availability of the product according to its requirement, Supply chain forms a network of various processes, activities and organisations involved in the availability of the required product. Supply Chain Management is concerned with all the processes involved in the movement of a product right from its production to the market and then to the customer.

Operations Management, as a part of a business structure is expanding continuously and thus, creating immense scope for all the MBAs with specialisation in this field.

Some of the opportunities available after the completion of this course are:

  • Supply chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Consultant
  • Inventory Control Manager

At MIBM Global me make sure to make online education a memorable experience. That is why our courses are considered to be one of the best business management courses in India. MIBM Global is dedicated towards the betterment of the students and therefore, makes sure to offer them all the benefits of an online program. As a student you will have the complete freedom to study at your own pace. We don’t bound you with our schedules. Our 2years online MBA in Operations Management is an affordable program. We have various payment plans which gives flexibility to the students. Please call our counsellor for further information on our programme. Protection Status