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MIBM Global is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified online business school. We at MIBM Global are determined to offer a a quality of education which mirrors the one given at a regular campus. We aim at spreading our global education to every sphere of the society. We are contributing towards Academic and Economic Development to every Individual. For the past twenty years, Matrix Institute of Business Management (MIBM Global) is working with an aim to make the online education reachable to one and all. We believe that the domestic higher education system is facing a threat because of the easy accessibility of international courses via online. There is a need to pose challenge to this growing internationalization of the professional course and institutions. Thus, it ensures that its online model reaches out to every Student, Professional and Entrepreneur. Following our philosophy we are immensely expanding. We are now looking for the partners to carry on with the same principle and are ready to help them grow well in the online education sector.

MIBM global is offering a partner partnership for those who are willing to start their own online platform for education. Becoming our partner indeed is an opportunity which assures growth in business. At MIBM Global, partners are not just offered partner but we also nurture and train them.

As a partner you will be given plans and solutions for the betterment and expansion of the business. We also help in deploying these plans and solution so that you confidently put your baby steps in the business world.

The two most crucial steps in a partnership process is “making the partnership agreement’’ and building up the proper set up for the partnership. We at MIBM strongly believe in this aforesaid process. Understanding the mechanics of how one’s business will be managed is the main part in designing the partnership agreement and documenting the terms and conditions. While the list of items to be considered in a solid partnership agreement is indefinable—every partnership is different and we have also have a set of expectations and offerings.

  • Partner roles in signing and authorizations: MIBM has a very transparent understanding of what the potential partners of the business are authorized to do on behalf of the institute.
  • Roles and responsibilities of each partner: In case of MIBM here we have a clear cut description of each partner’s responsibilities and duties so that we know what to expect from each other. Moreover, we have predetermined consequences for potential partners not completing their bestowed duties.
  • While going for a partnership we make sure to sit down with our partner or partners to discuss the best- and worst-case scenarios.

By teaming up with us, we commit to provide our partners with everything they need to acquire new customers and advance existing ones. In return, you will be given the unique opportunity to increase your profits by selling the best online education program. Protection Status