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Matrix Institute of Business management, based in Noida offers MBA one year distance program which has been designed to provide a distinctive education for management of business and enterprises. We at MIBM lay emphasis on the contribution, integration and role of the chief business functions so that your ability to design effective strategies for an organization augments. This dynamic program provides you determined success through highly advanced curriculum designed by expert professionals in the field. With numerous graduates enrolling into the MBA in one year distance education, you will get international employability and unsurpassed student experience. We at MIBM are proud to provide the students with exceptional course with the use of cutting edge technology and help them understand the management theories and practices. MIBM attracts numerous graduates from all over the world, due to which the students get international student experience and global employability. Our 12 month distance MBA programs online have been crafted while keeping in mind the requirements of global markets and companies in mind and we build the skills in scholars along with knowledge and experience which are required to become a successful and liable leader in Business management.

MIBM is dedicated and committed to provide the students with high quality One Year distance MBA Program and we ensure that you are enrolled in most competent education programs throughout the country. With 20 years of expertise in the education industry, we groom the students professionally to help them achieve a great career in their future and guide them towards the right path so that your career prospers through our management programs. If you wish to enhance your skills for a successful career in the Business management field, then we have expert counselor that help you achieve professional growth at every level. We pride ourselves in providing the students with valuable knowledge which assists them in reaching higher level in their lives and get jobs in corporate and MNCs. We are specialists in molding a curriculum as per international standards and our MBA in one year distance education can be undertaken through distance and online methods. With best online MBA distance program, the students have better scope to study part-time with great ease as they can complete their education online, at the time that is suitable. MIBM offers the students with knowledge about the market functions and how they can be analyzed to take its advantage as business development expert.

How Are Our Courses Designed ?

1 year Distance MBA Online programs are designed with great care by experts from the industry, and our counselors pays special attention towards putting together a curriculum that is beneficial in every man-ner for the students to learn managing and administration skills. Our curriculum consists of features that turn you into well-informed, learned and ethical leader. MIBM takes guidance from experts to create the most calculative online MBA no GMAT program that is available for distance education applicants. This carefully planned course for distance MBA 1 year incorporates these few characteristics:

  • To provide the experts in the industry a chance to follow newer outlooks of Business manage-ment and administration.
  • To prepare the business runners and scholars on how to deal with the existing challenges in the business administration throughout the globe.
  • To help the future managers envision their roles and responsibilities in a better manner.
  • To help the industry experts become more confident in taking decisions about businesses.
  • To help facilitate excellent business decisions during critical times.
  • To assist the students in stepping out towards the real world and gain experience practically as managers.
  • Make sure that the students get deep knowledge and understanding of their duties as managers in the field so that they are more competent in resolving business obstacles

Why Should You Choose Distance MBA 1 Year program ?

An MBA or the Master of Business Administration is a program which grants the scholars with under-standing of business mechanisms and it provides a chance to get a deep level of understanding about the management roles that can transform the business scope to be higher. One year distance MBA programs online certification is a qualification which provides the students with a chance to pursue the best online MBA course through MIBM and the curriculum has been designed to help the students take a step further in their business career. We at MIBM make sure that the scholars and professionals get the most encompassing MBA one year course distance education course that solidifies the student’s grasp over the basics of managing the business along with the business savvy outlook. At the end of the program, you are poised to become experienced managers or enthusiastic researchers that wish to study further the dynamics of running a business. This MBA online program offers a detailed summary to the students which extend their outlook on business administration. We school experienced managers and business leaders into specialists that have advanced understanding to the problems in the real-world.

Distance MBA 1 Year Program

Benefit of Distance MBA 1 year Program

  • This one year distance MBA course can be pursued along with other parallel courses.
  • Students can apply for MBA 1 year from any part of the globe and avail the institute’s education imparted by highly qualified faculty.
  • All you require is a steady internet connection to get access to the distance MBA course and you can earn a certificate within one year.
  • You can actively become a part of the online content which can be accessed at any time.
  • Queries and doubts can be resolved more easily as students can collaborate in online discus-sions and can help each other with various probes
  • You don’t have to relocate from your residence physically to attend the course as it can be ac-cessed online with great ease.
  • Commuting costs are cut down as you don’t have to travel like the on-campus programs.
  • Enrolling in the online distance education program provides you with chances to add more cre-dibility to the role of a business manager.

Eligibility For distance MBA 1 Year Program

Students who has passed graduation with at least 45 percent of marks from any recognized institute are considered eligible for enrollment in our Best Distance MBA program. The MBA program is an online distance program and is thus made easily accessible to a wide cross-section of students belonging to institutes affiliated to various recognized bodies.

Distance MBA 1 Year Online


Semester 1
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics
Semester 2
  • Legal Environment and Business Law
  • Management Information System
  • Production and Operation Management
  • Business Communication
  • Elective Subject
  • Elective Subject

Flexi option for payments for Distance MBA 1 Year

Fees for the best Distance MBA 1 Year programme is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses and can be paid in installments while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. The fee can be paid online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Top 10 Reasons to choose Distance MBA 1 year Program from MIBM Global

  • MIBM MBA program is one of the topmost MBA distance programs due to their refined coursework, effective placements and a bright career.
  • We are globally recognized and our students step out of the country to get excellent jobs worldwide.
  • Corporate management experts can enhance their quality of services after this course from MIBM.
  • We have a well reputed faculty of teachers and experts that are specialists in the industry from the past 20 years.
  • The course material is well designed according to a regular MBA courses.
  • Students get a steep learning curve that provides them with better grip on the businesses at the end of the program.
  • MIBM provides counseling services on notes to the applicants that require them.
  • We have a well maintained global standard of the study material that is provided to our aspi-rants.
  • You get flexibility of payments and best course curriculum that can be availed without financial restraints and the quality of education is valued globally.
  • MIBM wishes to incorporate the best of new and old schools of business thought and practice into the research coursework for the students.

Career Opportunities after Distance MBA 1 year Program

MBA Global opens new prospects for the students’ worldwide ad they can become professionals that are proficient at handling enterprises with greater ease. Here are few career prospects after one year distance MBA program

  • 1 Business Analysis Specialist
  • 2 Risk Assessment Specialist
  • 3 Business Administrator
  • 4 Manger Sales and Operation
  • 5 Manager Administration
  • 6 Business Development-Oriented Research
  • 7 Marketing-Oriented Research,
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