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Matrix Institute of Business Management or MIBM Global is an institute with enormity in the capability improvement of Management understudies. MIBM Global is a 9001:2015 certified, with affirmed pro-association with an experience that is not too bad. MIBM is providing education and imparting students with knowledge from the past 20 years.

We are a social event of different people from an extent of Corporate Houses, Professors, and driving Educational Pundits. MIBM being a Pioneer in passing on quality general planning transversely completed India, furthermore has concentrated on spreading rule to each float of the general populace, with the purpose of the union of contributing towards Academic and Economic Development to each Individual. We center around giving a greatly capable yet meanwhile pleasing condition for the organization enthusiasts. It is made as the best learning condition for the understudies with a marvelous measure of introduction. With speculative learning, we have plot our courses for various subjects that it has a perfect blend of the master take a shot at helping the understudies compensate for lost time with the fast-changing universe of the organization.

If you are looking for an occupation with multi-national associations around the globe, you will be all around arranged for future managerial positions through MIBM. Getting ready models at our establishment is fundamentally resuscitating all through the world. We have various multinational affiliations with corporate and it is for this reason that wannabes can enlist for Best MBA and DBA program , on the web, parcel or part tickers. Fast track BBA online program by MIBM readies the understudies to dissect the business practices and perceive the precarious markets

Why should you choose DBA and MBA 1 year program?

This distance one-year DBA distance one-year DBA and MBA program aims to acheive the overall managerial development of the student. We provide them with the best possible practical experience. Our goal is to provide a good practical knowledge to the students so that they can deal with the real problems of management when they have to. Our professional teachers create a perfect learning environment for the students. There is a professional growth of the students under the supervision of them.

How are our courses designed?

DBA + MBA program online is a course given at MIBM aims to empower the students with such experiences. MIBM has laid strong focus on big business and logical capacities of International quality so that there is more noteworthy encouragement to advancement and organization. We give a stand out amongst and Online DBA and MBA programs in India with up-to-the-minute development in organization and IT region. The program has been figured to get ready business specialists with the ability to work with strategies and plans to gain ground.

This is the best DBA and MBA program online in India that has been arranged by MIBM. The program aims to provide the understudies with a strong foundation in basics of business and its application as a general rule. With a one-year accreditation in Business association, understudies can pick managerial and definitive parts in private and open zones exhaustively. The key standard of the ventures created by us is to pass on a livelihood approach to understudies in the Business part.

The essential objectives with which MIBM has designed one year DBA MBA program online are:

  • To help catch the key bits of information of the rapidly moving overall set-up.
  • To get hands-on getting ready through a ponder technique.
  • To acquire outstanding capacities for purposes for living in your correct field.
  • To enhance your general character and social capacities.
MBA + DBA Program In India

Benfits Of DBA + MBA 1 Year Program

This DBA and MBA program online in India is a very short course designed especially for the people who need to complete their education or are in urgent need to study management. It is an online course hence it is not very expensive, you save up on travelling and other daily expenses. It is mixtures of both DBA and MBA, letting the students have a broader knowledge about management. It also provides you with a lot more career opportunity. This course has proven to be the best among the other options available in India.

One-year DBA and MBA online provides students with various tools of business that will make students understand the global nature of business in the most compelling way. There is actual exposure to diverse culture, political beliefs, traditions, and technological innovations that prevail in the business environment. This course shall pace your career and add a value to your qualifications. Students empower through the knowledge and gain confidence to rise up in their professional ladder.

DBA + MBA 1 Year Program

Top Reasons To Choose MIBM Global

  • You will be enlisted in an all-around perceived best DBA and MBA program online in India. Since the inception of MIBM, we have made rapid strides in providing exemplary education. Thus, making it one of the best institution providing distance learning in India.
  • Situation help is given through MIBM and amid the course, a committed counsellor is given to each online understudy that helps you in all possible ways. Thanks to the commendable reputation, MIBM has managed to gain the best of the educational resources for its students.
  • At MIBM we create business leaders with cutting-edge leadership skills and a profound knowledge base. Students gear up to meet business challenges in the competitive world that they shall face after the course ends. Such futuristic business leaders shall take steps to inculcate with the corporate challenges and provide innovative business solutions.
  • We give best counselling that have 20 years of experience and aptitude in the field and they give developmental appraisal to upgrade your accomplishments. Evaluation materials are accessible on the web-based interfaces of learning.
  • Courses are extensively composed in one-year DBA and MBA distance education. The curriculum is rich and covers topics of principles of management, marketing management, financial accounting, managerial economics, business communication, business statistics, fundamentals of computers, production and operation management. You will likewise gain admittance to e-library with pondering materials and reference books for concentrate on the web. MIBM gives directions to the understudies of the one-year online DBA and MBA program.
  • You can finish your online DBA and MBA course in India inside by one year tenure on the web and work while you examine on the web, so regardless of whether you have an on-going employment, you can pick classes at adaptable hours.
  • Centre administration subjects are educated with hands-on learning in the business through entry-level position programs and once the course is finished aspirants are quickly placed as there is awesome request in the market for administration experts.
  • The program prepares students for jobs beyond their capabilities in any part of the world. Students participate in global learning classes where different business frameworks can be studied and tested. As a result, they nurture into professionals who are highly competent.
  • This DBA + MBA program is more moderate and monetarily reasonable and is accessible with simple installment choices. With address notes and courses open from your work areas and personal computers, you can contemplate when and where you need DBA + MBA program online in India.


Semester 1
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
Semester 2
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Communication
  • Elective Paper

Note: 18% GST Excluded

Flexi Option For Payments For DBA-MBA 1 Year

Fees for the best DBA - MBA 1 Year programme is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses and can be paid in installments while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. The fee can be paid online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Career Opportunities DBA + MBA 1 Year

1 year DBA + MBA program online equips students to applyfor different kinds of employment in areas of; retail, saving money, cordiality, media, data innovation (IT) and data innovation empowered administrations (ITES), and free- moving purchaser products (FMCG) is extravagantly spread before them. Occupations are accessible with titles of:

  • 1 Market Supervisor
  • 2 Deal Administrator
  • 3 Advertising Chief
  • 4 Item Director
  • 5 Statistical Surveying Examiner
  • 6 Media Organizer
  • 7 Internet Showcasing Director

Eligibility For DBA + MBA 1 Year

Understudies that have passed their auxiliary training or 12th Standard from a perceived and presumed board or school are qualified to be selected in the online DBA and MBA programs. Every one of the courses will be instructed in English.

Distance MBA program
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