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MIBM is one of the prominent institute of Business Management offering great varieties of courses that are designed by keeping the global requirements throughout the world. Located in Noida, it is is one of the pioneer one with an ISO certification and is committed to providing excellent quality of Business education to the students across the globe. Students can achieve great career growth with refined distance and online programs due to exceptional management skills that they gain with MIBM. We have well-experienced counselors members with immense experience and they have produced some of the sharpest professionals for the multi-nationals worldwide.

As an online platform we aim to offer lucrative programs for undergraduates and experienced professionals who aspire to make a significant career in the industry and to take a higher position in the organizational hierarchy.

How Our Courses Are Designed?

We at MIBM design our courses keeping in mind the requirements of the industry and we cater to the students that wish to achieve academic excellence and great career. We help the students cater to the demands of the industry and help the organizations achieve prosperity with their advanced technology. We have well-designed courses for both managers and entrepreneurs and our institute specializes in offering the sense of social aspect in every student. Our programs are widely popular due to accessibility from any distance and empower the students to gain knowledge easily from anywhere.

Why To Choose a Dual Certification?

It is regardless of what direction you are planning to choose as a student, we recommend you to complete a dual certification course online as it will help you in creating an excellent resume which stands out from the crowd easily just because of the fact that the candidate has added skills and expertise. The training is provided by our expert mentors of the subject. As a student, you will be assessed by our experts and all the assessment details will be provided on the website for your reference. More than this, the subjects will be explained and all the contents can be reviewed at any time from the given website of your so there will be no missing of classes or no worries of not understanding the subject content. It can be accessed from any part of the world if you have got an internet and laptop or desktop.

A dual certification programme takes it up further providing an edge to the professionals entering the job market. Earning a dual certification, will certainly add an additional degree and extra set of skills suitable for the job market and expertise in the areas which will give you assured rise in your career. It also streamlines multiple areas thereby cutting time spent, the cost involved and provides more comprehensive education.

Benefits of Doing Dual Certification Program

Managerial Skills

Any business administration program is going to touch on managerial skills, but a top Online Dual Certification Programme will provide a higher level of focus. It’s essential to be a problem-solver, be prepared for real-life scenarios, and have a deep understanding of one’s responsibilities. After the completion of the best Online Dual Certification Programme, you will acquire advanced management skills to grasp all the learning outcomes within the organization.

Job Security

The current scenario, when the economy is growing, having a dual certification provides protection against job cuts or any adverse effect of the recession. You will be equipped with a broader selection of skills and knowledge and will be able to handle a vast area of complex issues.

Versatility in Career Selection

Opting for a dual certification means having more career choices when it comes to obtaining a position rather than the limited choices available post studies. With this certification you will get better trained to penetrate the job marketplace and accomplish different types of job responsibilities. This is especially beneficial for anyone who wants to try new things and would like to stay ahead of the pack.

Primary Preparations For Entrepreneurship

With the best online dual certification program, it is much easier to get set on a journey to being an entrepreneur. A dual certification means having a wholesome package when it is time to get to work in a reputed institution, so it is one of the best options to choose from

Eligibility For Dual Certification Program

Any professional or fresher interested in making a career in the business domain can join our program. This program is meant for both under graduates and post-graduates with minimum 45% marks.

Dual Certification Courses



3 Months

Note: 18% GST Excluded

Flexi option for payments for Dual Certification Program

Fees for the best Dual Certification Program is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses and can be paid in installments while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. The fee can be paid online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Top Reasons To Choose MIBM Global

MIBM develops you in both academic and practical knowledge. As the course is dual method of teaching, it offers priceless certificate leading to a safe cake walk to achieve the job preferences at your door step for you in the future with dual certification through MIBM.

With this course, the resources can be referred and re-referred without any time limit, thus, you will not be missing the classes. You can study according to your work schedule and at your free time based on your time requirement.

You can customize your studies based on your work whether it is on-going job or a job acquired during the study years. The Fast track course can be manipulated according to your availability.

This certification is accepted worldwide and the syllabus is also at par with the syllabus throughout the world.

Career Advantage

There is an added incentive while obtaining a dual certification degree as it puts graduate students on the fast track so that they get higher tread on the corporate ladder which is not otherwise an uncomplicated ascent. It’s much more likely to start right off the bat with a promising benefit package and salary which in turn gives the kickstart you need for your career.

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